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My arms are clubs
My legs, they are spade
Of diamond my head is made
Its namesake my heart rubs

The other, they are my mason
They build upon me
They build for me
Of me, they make their bastion

Delicately, oh-so delicately
A red seven is tilted aptly
Against a black three
As I look upon this artistry

This frail tower finds itself between
A black ace and a red queen
This castle is for me
This castle is me

Might I be the better architect
Of my own project?
Irrelevant is the notion
Compared to your devotion

You dare to add another floor
Cards add up, defying gravity
Nothing for me to deplore
But this moment's brevity

To see you toil for me
Care for me
Nurture me
Is the grandest Castle in Spain there can be
A poem I wrote while I was sick. Very fitting.

NOTE: to fully appreciate, one must be knowledgeable of the French expression "Castles in Spain". (Châteaux en Espagne)
arosyks Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2006  Student Digital Artist
nice! and it rhymes and everything ^^
i only ever put on poem on here, cause i was in san fran with no scanner so i couldn't upload anything else O.o
heartstrain Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2006   Photographer
lol, nice reason! Gives you an opportunity to dish out creativity in a different format when you're pressed against the wall like that... and you might be more surprised that you thought about the results!

Thank you for your comment, and thanks for reading, as always!
arosyks Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2006  Student Digital Artist
lol. yeah, i know. i just needed to do something creative! lol...

and no problem for the comment ^^
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